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This is all about using creativity to keep possession. The aim is for the possession team to move the ball from one end zone to the other and then back again the other way in a wave type motion. This is working towards penetration in the final third.

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Coaching Objectives

Good reaction in transition with speed of play to press and stop the defending team using the ball to score a goal. Creativity is key with players with movement and combination play key to keeping the ball.

Look for:

  • Good passing and receiving
  • Movement to create angles and triangles
  • Combination play with give and go passing, overlapping and underlapping runs and takeovers.

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 13 Players
  • 4 target goals Goals
  • 5 Bibs
  • 30 x 15 y

What the Players Do

Use an area 30 x 15 yards in three zones with four target goals on the outside of the box midway between the zones. You need a possession team of 8 players and a defending team of 5 players. In the…