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This is a series of positioning games for 8 players on video direct from Cupello's partner Felipe Ragel in Barcelona, Spain. The objective is to pass and keep possession of the ball with good movement and body position to help the pass.

Technique for each of the games

  • Use long and short passes and create triangles using the players in the middle.
  • All players should be moving to support the pass, opening passing routes to give options to the player on the ball.
  • Positioning, movement and decision making are the keys to the games
  • Speed of play is important – in the videos the speed is fast but at first you will not get that speed this is what you are eventually aiming to achieve


Playing rules

  • The player that loses the ball or causes a mistake swaps with the defender
  • You want to see one and two touch passing
  • Players on the sides should move on the lines trying to be in the best position for a pass
  • Triangles and passing to the players in space is key
  • Passing team must keep the ball for as long as possible, while the defenders look to have one pressing and one covering to create errors and win the ball
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Written By

Felipe Ragel

Under 19 head coach of Marcet Soccer Academy in Barcelona, Spain.

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