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This is a Control and Pass with body shape technical video direct from Cupello's partner Felipe Ragel in Barcelona, Spain. The objective is to pass and control the ball with speed and precision, focusing on timing movement well and body position.

  • Start with simple triangle passing in two teams.
  • When a bad pass happens players can take an extra touch to control the ball or use the other foot.
  • Watch the speed of that the ball circulates at – controlling the speed of the ball is essential, if control is lost then players are more likely to lose the ball. 
  • When the ball is not passed on the ground it makes it harder for the receiver and more likely that the ball is lost.
  • Play for short periods so players' concentration is at a high level and they can concentrate on the techniques needed.
  • When we advance play and join the two groups together the ball is passed around in one group. Don’t play with only one ball in this part of the drill as players lose concentration and make mistakes.
  • In the passing square players receive on the back foot and pass with the other foot.
  • Correct while the play is in progress, don't stop and coach because it disrupts the learning aspect of the session.