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This is a control pass drill formed in a pentagon. The players must show good passing and receiving in the shape the coach creates for them. Receiving on the back foot and crisp accurate passing without the ball bobbling to make it easier to receive

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Coaching Objectives

  • Passing with different parts of the foot
  • Passing at different angles
  • Receiving from different angles and pace of the pass
  • Decision making, what, where and how


  • When we play a long pass, it must be played with speed.
  • If the pass is short, we should lay it off softly, in diagonal to help our teammate be able to step into his pass.
  • We should always try to play the ball to our teammate’s foot furthest away.
  • Always play the ball along the ground
  • Try to look around and scan the area before receiving the ball.

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 6-12 Players
  • 25 x 25 y

What the Players Do

Set up by creating a Pentagon and relating each station to a letter (ABCDE) or number (12345). Size of area can be adjusted to suit short and long passing and also meets needs of different ages and…