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We start the drill with simple finishing and move into attacking play and defending with players needing to be in the right positions to shoot and to be able to get into to positions to receive the ball to shoot

Coaching Objectives


  • Dribble using the leg furthest away from the defender and try to use the outside of the foot
  • Try to take the defender into areas that are more attacking to take the initiative
  • Use feints and skills to create space and give time on the ball
  • Finish on goal as soon as possible
  • Movement is key to keeping the defender at bay
  • Be ready for quick transition if the ball is lost


  • Always know where the ball is and player they are marking
  • Position the body sideways so reaction speed is faster
  • Be on balls of feet so reaction also quicker
  • Use defensive feints to trouble the attacker and cause mistakes
  • When attacker is close eyes on ball not on player
  • Don't jump in and make it easier for the attacker
  • If beaten by the attacker's skill sprint to the goal to defend it
  • The defence must keep their lines tight and narrow so as not to get beaten.
  • It is very important that defenders win the second ball after an attacking player shoots on goal.
  • Be ready for quick transition if the ball is won

Drill Setup

  • 25 Mins
  • 8-10 Players
  • 1 Goals
  • Half pitch y