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This Rondo drill is all about passing and receiving with striker movement off the ball to create space for the pass. Movement and passing should be forward with combination play set up to achieve that goal.

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Coaching Objectives

Attackers – possession

  • Good first touch to keep ball away from defender
  • Pass weight, direction, decision making
  1. Off ball movement to create space for pass either to striker or for the striker to open up passing lanes
  • Decision making – penetrate, hold onto the ball, recycle the ball
  • Outisde players must use the position on the line to constantly create passing lanes so they should be scanning and quickly reacting to the play.

Defender – pressing

  • Block passing routes
  • Press striker
  • Good body position to react to passing and movement of striker

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 10 Players
  • 2 x blue 2 x yellow 2 x red Bibs
  • 12 x 6 y

What the Players Do

Set up the 12 x 6 area with a half way line. You need 6+1 passing players and a defender to try and stop the pass into the striker. The outside players must combine to get the red striker free to…