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Playing in a Rondo players work on passing under pressure and defending against transitions. Passing between defending players is a key element in attacking play and helps players to take advantage in counter attacks and overload situations

Coaching Objectives

Look for good passing and receiving, first touch should be good enough to put the ball into a good angle for passing to an open player. All the elements of a game are present and should be looked for, movement, support, passing are key but also communication, and passing routes are important in keeping possession and ultimately making the overload count. You want to see triangles played from the outside players into the inside players – this is a good way to coach passes into and out of midfield with youth players.


Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • 11 Players
  • 3 Bibs
  • 15 x 15 y

What the Players Do

Six players are outside the circle with two team mates inside the circle. They are up against three pressing players who are intent on winning the ball.

  1. The 6 outer players and the 2 inside the circle must try to keep possession of the ball. Outer players are only allowed to pass between themselves two times before it must go back into the 2 player in the area.

  2. For the possession team 6 consecutive passes without a pressing player touching the ball is one point.

  3. If the pressing players win the ball they must try to make three passes to score a point.

  4. Switch the pressing players after 2 minutes being sure to add up the points and see which trio of pressers are the best!




Coaching Tips

Ball control

Don't just use short passes try longer ones as well.

After receiving a long pass look to play 2 or 3 short passes to slow down the speed of the ball.

Don’t make more than 3 or 4 passes in the same area, it attracts the defenders and it will be harder to break out of the press.

Speed of passes

Pay attention to the passes and the speed at which the ball circulates.

Keep close control over the speed of the ball because too slow and it is intercepted too fast and it will be difficult to control it.

When the ball goes out of play pass another one in immediately to keep the game flowing.


Modify the Session

You change numbers of player to make it easier or harder. If you change the number of players in possession so there are less players it will be easier for the pressing team. Take a presser away and it will be harder

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Dave Clarke

FA & UEFA B qualified coach, a pioneer of online soccer coaching at Soccer Coach Weekly. Sports journalist for the Sunday Mirror published author of several volumes of coaching books & international lecturer on soccer.

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