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This session will allow players to maintain possession and looked to play between the lines and face forward when appropriate, this is key when players are looking to move play forward.

Coaching Objectives

This session will allow players to control build up play, looking to find the spare player in an attacking overload. It will focus on the key technical and tactical components of trying to play through the lines. It will allow players the opportunity to make good decisions around when to maintain possession and went to exploit an attacking overload. The session will also encourage players to try and create an exploit space for themselves between opposition lines, and in behind defences.

Drill Setup

  • 20 Mins
  • 12 Players
  • 2 Small Goals
  • 7 Bibs
  • 35x45 y

What the Players Do

The team in possession will start with the ball from a neutral player and look to keep possession in the first zone, trying to work the ball to one of the neutral players occupying the…