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This activity is designed to allow players the opportunity practice scoring within the 18 yard box from crosses. It works on player movement and areas the ball should be crossed into.

Coaching Objectives

  • This activity will provide players the opportunity to work their finishing skills within an 18 yard box by occupying particular areas off crosses.
  • Players will work on their movements in the box to occupy areas to score goals off crosses.
  • Attacking wide players will look to deliver into these occupied areas.
  • Defenders will look to defend the crosses that are delivered into the 18 yard box, and clear into safe areas of the pitch.

Drill Setup

  • 20 mins 4x3 blocks Mins
  • 10 Players
  • 1 main 2 target Goals
  • 6 blue 3 yellow Bibs
  • penalty area y

What the Players Do

The attacking team will have two wide players (one on each side) who will look to deliver crosses into he 18 yard box for their four attacking players to attack and attempt the score. The ball…