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This session is designed to allow players the opportunity to practice delivery from rosses in the attacking third of the pitch, and finishing from those crosses.

Coaching Objectives

This activity will provide players the opportunity to work on repetition of crossing from various attacking areas of the pitch, focusing on different types of deliveries to effective areas. Players working within the 18 yard box will be looking to create space for themselves and work on various finishing techniques off a crossed ball.

Look to outline what crossing detail you want from your players in particular areas and what areas you may want your attacking players to look to exploit from which cross selection. These haven’t been stipulated as they will be different for each coach depending on your preference and coaching philosophy

Drill Setup

  • 16 mins Mins
  • 14 Players
  • 1 Goals
  • 3 Yellow 3 blue Bibs
  • penalty area y

What the Players Do

Split the 16 minutes into 4 blocks of 2 minutes with 2 minutes rest between blocks. 3 attacking players v 3 defending players working within the designated area of the 18 yard box. There will be…