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In the Women's FA Cup final Sam Kerr chipped an audacious dipping goal for Chelsea in their 3-0 win over Arsenal that was a fantastic piece of skill and capped a dominant match for the Blues. Use this drill to get your players chipping goals

Coaching Objectives

Technique for chip shots

Players should plant their standing foot to the side, slightly behind the ball. Like a golf chip shot using a quick downward swing of the kicking leg with the inside three toes directly under the ball, plus a very short follow-through, this produces a lot of backspin and a short (but high) arc. They can practice in pairs.

Remember the shorter the backswing the more control over where the ball goes. Leaning the body back also gives a higher chip.

Drill Setup

  • 15 Mins
  • Any Players
  • Centre circle y

What the Players Do

Stand players 12 yards apart, with a player in the centre. Players take it in turn to chip the ball over the middle player to their partner. You can have a goalkeeper in the centre who can jump to…